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Wisdom for Today Along Recovery Lane

Many People in Recovery find that reading a daily meditation each morning helps them start their day off on the right foot. There are many daily meditation books that you can buy. I would like you to consider purchasing my book as proceeds from sales help to support this website.

THE NATIONAL “BEST BOOKS 2009” AWARDS. Guess what. My book won in the category for HEALTH: Addiction/Recovery.

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Daily Readings for Persons in Recovery that are Using the Twelve Step Program

S, John

AuthorHouse (404 pp.)

$17.99 paperback, $9.99 e-book

ISBN: 978-1438923857; February 11, 2009


The author presents a frank collection of daily readings to serve as a companion guide to 12-step recovery programs.

Recovery is a long process, and one that requires careful thought, introspection and self-forgiveness. The book contains a year’s worth of daily readings aimed at easing that process. Entries are divided into three sections: “Wisdom for Today,” “Meditations for the Heart” and “Petitions to my Higher Power.” For example, midway through his chronicle, the author says, “Probably one of the biggest changes I have experienced in recovery has been achieving serenity and peace of mind. When I was drinking,…I lived in a state of fear. I suffered in quiet depression.” John S. goes on to explore the same thematic idea as it relates to his so-called Higher Power in the next two sections of the daily reflections. John S., a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor, remains open and exceptionally honest throughout his daily struggles with his twelve-step program, his evolving relationship to a higher power, and his personal relationships. Though the author states that the book may be used as a resource to assist in a better understanding of a twelve-step program, readers won’t find a step-by-step guide here. Rather, John S. takes his reader on his own emotional journey and reveals the tenets and effects of the program as they affected him. John S. tells his reader upfront that if his words sound spiritual it’s because they are, and that he urges all to “keep an open mind” to find their own “Great Contractor.” Indeed, the focus of his own journey is very much centered in spirituality and a relationship with God. Still, even those not interested in a higher power may find this a worthy guide for battling addiction. The collection may also be useful for those supporting a loved one.


A wonderful, honest compilation of personal experiences for those who may need companionship during their fight with addiction.


Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media LLC, 6411 Burleson Rd., Austin, TX 78744


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Wisdom for Today Along Recovery Lane

I don't know how you do it, but you hit me right on the head so much .......I sure like these. have a great day..........

Your Wisdom for Today has done so much for me in my recovery. It's my routine every morning when I get to work, before I do anything else is to open my email and read this. It gives me a peace of serenity so I can start my 24hours on a good foot. This web site has done a lot for me. Every morning I read the Recovery Lane's daily meditation. That gives me motivation in the morning and a little serenity every morning. I am very thankful for this site. 

buddy you're doing an awesome job, and I really appreciate your morning
meditations..........very helpful...........god bless

The wisdom for today (trust) was just what I needed. Doing a daily inventory keeps me focused and organized and reminds me that getting better will take a long time. Thanks. 

I am grateful to receive wisdom for today, it is helping me much in my 
recovery. thanks.

Thanks so much for the daily meditations I receive. I'm early in recovery and they make it easy for me to meditate and think of what my recovery means and has to offer me....

I love this. I just subscribed, and started getting your e-mails yesterday. I have not picked up a drink in over 3 years, and go to meetings regularly, but this I will look forward to as well. You are performing a wonderful service. Thank you, Bill P

Really enjoy your readings. 

Love In Service, Clint Y. 
alive and sober today by the Grace of God 
and the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Hang In There 
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(/ @ @ /) 

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