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September 2012 News & Views

What is happening in the world of addiction and recovery? These links are some of the latest News and Views posted around the world. These News and Views do not necesarily represent the veiws of recoverylane.com, but they are articles this writter found interesting. Hope you to find something on interest.

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Few doctors know how to treat addiction. Program aims to change that.

Survey: 17% of high schoolers drink, smoke, use drugs during school day

First “Above the Influence” Day to Celebrate Youth Who Avoid Peer Pressure

Confessions of an Unwitting Drinking Problem

Death By Prescription Drugs: How Dare You Say My Son "Deserved" It

Is underage drinking ever OK?

Drinking, overeating pack on pounds in college

Suicide, OD risks high when addicts leave hospital

College drinking: In first weeks on campus, college drinking spikes

Troubled veterans left without health-care benefits

Urban Outfitters sells boozy T-shirts for back-to-school—some moms are mad

Bradly Cooper opens up about Scars, Sobriety and Success

Most grandparents provide care for the grandkids

Marijuana Legalization Takes Center Stage This Election Season

Alcohol, drugs common in fatal crashes

The ‘designer drugs’ sending children to the ER

2012 WSOP - Merson overcomes addiction through poker, makes final table

Alcoholics Anonymous participation promotes long-term recovery

Ex-DEA heads urge Holder oppose marijuana ballots

Heroin abuse in Louisville surging: Addicts turn to drug amid crackdown on pain pills

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Addicts are not low-lifes

Pawns in the War on Drugs

Ryan: Medical marijuana should be up to states

Medical Marijuana – Time for Parents to Step In

Heavy Drinking Linked to Earlier Stroke

Your Life: For teen addicts, life after rehabilitation requires support

U.S. burger chains aim to scoop up patrons with boozy milkshakes

NOPE Program

Party Laws Put Hosts on

2012 Rally for Recovery!

Marijuana Use Tied to Testicular Cancer Risk

Want To Control Your Alcohol Intake? Ask For A Different Glass

Bath Salts : is it the Zombie Apocolypes?

The Elephant in the Room

Can Our Experience With Tobacco and Alcohol Teach Us How to Protect Children From Pot if Marijuana Is Legalized?

On Medical Marijuana, Federal Law Leaves States In Purple Haze

Few doctors know how to treat addiction. A new program aims to change that.

Monitoring program effort aimed at reducing prescription drug abuse to be tested in Indiana and Ohio

U.S. revokes drug licenses for 2 Fla. CVS pharmacies

Antidepressants, Sleeping Pills and Anxiety Drugs May Increase Driving Risk

TODAY Health: Dr. Drew: ‘Exciting’ to help people with addictions

3 views on whether states should legalize marijuana

Jael Strauss Battles Meth Addiction On Dr. Phil; Former 'America's Next Top Model' Contestant's Struggle

NIAAA Publications "SBIRT"

California Meth Bust Points to Expanding Mexican Gangs

ACLU alleges Gov. Scott’s drug-test mandate for poor is...

State leaders call for action on drugs

5 damaging myths about addiction

Guilt With the First Pour: How Is Your Relationship With Alcohol?

Do 12-step programs lead to cults?  

Recovering addict relates his story

'Doctor Shopping' Tied to Fatal Prescription Drug Overdoses

Quitting Drinking May Help Alcoholics' Bone Loss

Cartoon packaging may hold synthetic marijuana

Bottoms up! Booze comes to Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Will a wee sip of alcohol immunize or encourage your wee one?

Methadone: ’60s treatment for drug addiction comes with deadly risks today

Can Los Angeles ban medical marijuana shops? Voters set to decide.

Could 'miracle drug' be answer to fight heroin addiction?

Musicians' Assistance Program - Local 802 | The Actors Fund

Vince & Associates gets $10M contract to research substance-abuse medications

Carnival expands test of 'all-you-can-drink' alcohol

Commentary: Empowering Youth to Prevent Underage Drinking

Study: Military drinking 'culture' now a 'crisis'

Avoiding Alcohol May Cut Risk for Esophageal Cancer

Addiction and recovery is not the face you think it is: The Grip of Addiction

Addicts in recovery may be at risk for another addiction

Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure Favored By Majority Of Colorado Voters: Denver Post Poll Shows

Combination of PTSD, Substance Abuse Can be Deadly for Veterans

Synthetic drugs, real consequences: Fake pot pushers change...

Uruguay takes 'war on drugs' in new direction: The state as dealer

National survey shows reduction in non-medical prescription drug use among young adults

Treatment for addicts is starting to change

Even Some Middle Schools Now Test for Drugs

'There is hope. There is a way out'

Is Kratom the New "Bath Salts" or Just an Organic Pain Reliever with Euphoric Effects?

Former patient says methadone treatment was ‘just another addiction

Green Day frontman seeks substance abuse treatment

Voters Weigh Eased Pot Laws

Smoking bans in bars help drinkers drink less too, Yale study shows

Opponents of legalizing marijuana focus on risk to teens

Education of chemist at center of Massachusetts drug lab scandal questioned

Campus Life Gains More Exposure on the Web

Dr. Griffith Edwards, Pioneer in Addiction Medicine, Dies at 83

New Awareness Campaign Launches To Fight Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Alcoholism Treatment Saves Families Money

Addiction and Reality TV

Spotting the Signs of Drug Abuse

A Month With No Alcohol -- Six Days to Go