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Messages--Second Edition

Messages' is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to communicate more effectively. This newly released second edition includes three new chapters on 'Influencing Others', 'Culture and Gender' and 'Interviewing'. The chapter on 'Fair Fighting' has been revised to reflect recent research on anger management.



  Is It Love or Is It Addiction?

They say there's a thin line between love and hate; there's also a thin line between love and addiction. Obsessive behavior distrustfulness and the need to control another's life and thoughts are the warning signs. And they can sneak into even the healthiest relationships. This best-selling guide to building healthy relationships outlines a seven-step plan for breaking free of the patterns that prevent us from experiencing real fulfilling love. Drawing from her own experience and her many years of work as a psychotherapist Schaeffer offers expert advice and fresh new perspectives on intimacy in this straightforward practical guide to making relationships work. Acknowledging that all relationships harbor elements of dependency Schaeffer explores the essential elements of love addiction: how to identify it how and why people fall into it and most important how to get out of it. Step by step Schaeffer shows how to reach the root of the problem by tracing unconscious attempts to gain control over our own lives. With more than 175,000 copies of the first edition in print Brenda Schaeffer is also the author of 'Loving Me Loving You'. To learn more about healthy relationships visit www.loveandaddiction.com - Brenda Schaeffer.


Don't Call It Love

This book documents the results of a study that looked at people who identified themselves as tending to act in a compulsive manner sexually. There is no shame here, no accusations, and no demands, simply concurrent statements of fact. This was Carnes' study and these are the results.



The Complete Idiot's Guide to a Healthy Relationship 

I'm almost sad that they called this an "Idiot's Book" because it makes it seem like the information in here is very low-level. It's actually incredibly helpful for all levels of couples - from those who have never dated anyone else before to those who have dated quite a bit but now want to learn more about their relationship.

There are chapters on everything in here - cheating on the internet, the way you deal with your partner's parents, dealing with losses, your arguing styles, how you criticize each other, working through sexual incompatabilities, you name it. I can't imagine any couple that couldn't learn a few things by reading through this. Even if one partner reads it and then talks to the other about the key topics, it'll help a relationship shake out the kinks.