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Which is more addictive - alcohol or cocaine?

submitted by Aaron L.

How do I find out where AA meetings are when I am traveling?

submitted by Mary M.

I was in recovery for 9 years very active and involved. Let myself drift away and 2 years ago started drinking. While I know what to "do", I just can’t seem to do it. Yes I know the slogan just do it. I am fast reaching the point of desperation and wonder what it will take for me to get back on track or if I will?

submitted by jmb

I stopped drinking 2 years ago. I told my MD, and it went into my file. Now, I've gone to his Office for 3 physicals for 3 different jobs, and the physical says 'Recovering Alcoholic", which is true, but so far 3 jobs offers have been withdrawn, 2 of the companies saying something about 'due to my past drinking'. I've never had a problem with the law, never been violent, always worked, got an education, pay my taxes and have a good home in a good neighborhood and am liked and respected by most everyone. But I can't get a better job so far due to the "Label". What do I do?

submitted by Topper

I have been trying to get off cocaine for 3 years now. I go to AA 4 to 6 times a week. I see a counselor once a week. My problem is I relapse ever 2 or 3 weeks. I am so frustrated by this. I try so hard to kick it but I wind up using. I pray to god for the strength to quit, but it does not come. I am getting desperate and I don't know where to turn for help. Please help me. 

submitted by George

My husband is a recovering alcoholic and he and I have been debating over a question that I hope you can help us out with. When alcohol is used in food preparation, does that present a potential risk to the alcoholic? For example, flaming cheese (Greek appetizer) that is doused in brandy, mushrooms cooked in red wine vinegar, etc. My husband believes it burns off and I don't think so. I'm an active member of al-anon and I don't wish to control my husband's eating, but we've come across this situation/discussion more than once and frankly I'm curious?

submitted by Nancy

My dear friend who is also my roommate has a cocaine addiction. He recently told me that he has spent all of his money on coke and feels out of control. He also expressed an interest in treatment, specifically an inpatient rehab. What can I do to support him? I do attend Alanon. Do you have any other suggestions? books? Thank you for your time! 

submitted by Sara

I have a couple of questions regarding Sex Addiction. My husband is a recovering alcoholic/cocaine addict. During a marriage counseling session, the counselor suggested that he might also be a sex addict. Is there a difference between being a cocaine addict and the behaviors that go with it (sex, infidelity, etc.) and having a sex addiction. I am a grateful member of Al-Anon and do not wish to judge, but it's really a difficult topic with my husband and I. I have a lot of understanding about addiction to alcohol and cocaine but sex I don't know about. For example, if he is addicted to sex does that mean if I have sex with him, am I enabling him? Is it the same as drinking with an alcoholic or doing drugs with an addict? Also, is there "recovery" from sex addiction? Like, will he be able to have sex "normally" or how most people would consider "socially acceptable". My thought is if sex addiction is like alcohol or drugs, they would not. (Alcoholics cannot drink "normally," drug addicts cannot do drugs "recreationally", etc.) Also are there any recovery groups for wives of sex addicts? I am really struggling with this.

submitted by Megan

I have a question- how do I forgive myself for some of the things I did when I was using? I pray to GOD that I learn to forgive me. I know he forgives me, but I can't seem to. I keep getting flash backs of the awful things I did and I want to puke. Please help me - do you have any advice? 

submitted by Jackie

 What is the most addictive drug?

submitted by Sandra


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