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 October 2012 News & Views

What is happening in the world of addiction and recovery? These links are some of the latest News and Views posted around the world. These News and Views do not necesarily represent the veiws of recoverylane.com, but they are articles this writter found interesting. Hope you to find something on interest.

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Facts on the Emerging Science on the Effects of Marijuana

Moderate Drinking May Increase Risk of Heart Rhythm Disorder

Drug rehab called key to avoid 3rd strike

Scores of recent Texas war veterans have died of overdoses,... |

Substance Use Disorders Often Persist in Juvenile Offenders

When a Drug Addict Isn't Ready to Accept Help

Drug Abuse Office Offers Videos for Docs

In the Military, the Drinking Can Start on Day 1

In Business, Nondrinking Can Be a Costly Expense

Experts Sound Warning Over Drug ‘Smiles’

CDC Vital Signs - Teen Drinking and Driving

Nurses Seek Expanded Role

Many injured workers remain on opioids, study finds

L.A. repeals its ban on pot stores

Gov. Christie should sign law to bar drug charges for 'Samaritans' who report overdoses

David A. Clayman: Drug abuse in W.Va.

Tennessee student denies using alcohol enema

Federal anti-drug agency releases new web-based program to combat prescription painkiller abuse

Nursing intervention can significantly decrease substance abuse among homeless youth

Freddie Mac petitioned to check for meth

Smoking, alcohol tied to pancreatic cancer

Should States Let Families Force Addicts Into Rehab?

Cracking Addiction: Mother-Son Team Offer 'Door-to-Door' Interventions

Researchers try to track drug reactions using social media

Brennan: More restraint on alcohol in MLB celebrations 

Is Marijuana Medicine?

DEA gets rid of 2M pounds of prescription drugs

Secret Service has new policies banning excessive drinking, social media misuse

The Recovery Project - Medicine Abuse

Regulators Crack Down On Internet Pharmacies

Movie Review - 'The House I Live In' - When It Comes To Drugs, A 'House' Deeply Divided

In Terms of Drinking, the Rich Are Different, Study Says

California Fight to Ensure Marijuana Goes Only to the Sick

Synthetic drugs put Oregon teenagers in hospital with kidney failure

The Drug That Never Lets Go

What sways teens not to drink, drive? Stories, not stats

Taken a medicine chest inventory?

Veterans Who Smoke Are At A Higher Risk Of Alcohol Abuse Relapse

Vote on Legalizing Marijuana Divides Washington Groups

Lack of resources devoted to drug-addicted moms, babies, task force told

Drugged | National Geographic Channel

When a Drug Addict Isn't Ready to Accept Help

Brad Pitt blasts U.S. 'War on Drugs,' calls for policy rethink

Abusing pain drug Opana can cause blood disorder: FDA

Mexican cartels fill demand for meth in USA

Study looks at Washington's pot possession arrests

Pharmaceutical company helping in fight against prescription drug abuse

Morphine vs. cocaine: A different mechanism of addiction

Coping with a rebellious, drug-addicted teen

Invisible War Wounds and the New Face of Addiction

Online Addiction Treatment Program, Addiction Recovery Program online treatment resources

Drop in Illicit Drug Use in Cities, Uptick in Prescription Drug Abuse

Marijuana Backers Courting Conservatives

Computer-delivered interventions do not effectively curb problematic college drinking

The Power to Solve the Drug Overdose Crisis Is in Our Hands   

Recognizing the alcoholic patient

Men vs. Women: Does Gender Matter in Addiction Recovery?

Addiction a Risk After Weight Loss Surgery

To Fight Prescription Painkiller Abuse, D.E.A. Targets Distributors

Youth lead the way in painkiller abuse, UCD study says

Powerful designer drugs that send some ‘to the grave’ showing up at Chicago O’Hare’s mail facility

Brain Recovery From Alcoholism Seen Soon After Abstinence: Study

California Health-Care Executive in Drug Bust

ADHD drugs become popular, dangerous study solution for students

Drug treatment too hard to get in New Jersey

‘Cuddle Chemical’ Oxytocin Relieves Alcohol Withdrawal

Motherhood may dampen cocaine's effects on the brain

Colorado marijuana-legalization measure raises question of pot tourism

A new approach to help addicts