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November 2012 News & Views

What is happening in the world of addiction and recovery? These links are some of the latest News and Views posted around the world. These News and Views do not necesarily represent the veiws of recoverylane.com, but they are articles this writter found interesting. Hope you to find something on interest.

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U.S. stance on marijuana unchanged by legalization votes: official

Marijuana like you've never seen it before

Why ADHD Medication Isn't a Solution to Failing Grades

12-Step Programs for Addiction Not For Everyone

'Good Samaritan' Laws Could Help Overdose Victims

Substance abuse diagnoses increasing in U.S.

Marijuana, Real or Fake, Can Lead to Unusual Gastro Problem

Could Legalizing and Taxing Drugs Lower the Deficit?

Teen drug dealer Tyler Pagenstecher gets at least 6 months in juvenile prison

Interview: Caleb Daniloff, Author Of 'Running Ransom Road'

Marijuana’s Recreational, Medical Use on Ballots in Six States

The nearer the bar, the greater the chances of risky drinking

Many HIV patients skip medications to drink

Hazelden Introduces Antiaddiction Medications into Recovery for First Time

Alcoholism: Is it a disease, or bad choices?

Denzel Washington gives nuanced performance as addict hero in 'Flight'

Why Doctors Prescribe Opioids to Known Opioid Abusers

Oregon Meth House Owners Deliver Petition to Freddie Mac

Addiction is not easy to diagnose and sometimes hard to define, experts say

RI offers school to help teenagers with drug addiction

Commentary: What Foundations Can Do to Fight the Opiate Epidemic

Biggest blow to Mexico drug cartels? It could be on your state ballot.

Blocking A Meth High Could Help Addicts Committed To Recovery

Teen prescription drug abuse: What to do

Study: Cocaine Increases Long-Term Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Five Potential Addictions We Sometimes Overlook

FDA probing reports of energy-drink deaths

8 warning signs your teen may be abusing prescription drugs

There Is Detectable Cocaine in Urban Italian Air

'50 percent' of MMA fighters use performance-enhancing drugs 

Physician Addiction Treatment Programs Have Too Little Oversight

Moderate to binge drinking can reduce brain cells

Will Pot Barons Cash In on Legalization?

Binge Drinking: United States' Habits Prompt Study On Daily Versus Binge Drinking

Addictions counselor: Co-dependents also need ongoing recovery support

Drug-sniffing cases send Supreme Court to the dogs

Alcoholism Shortens Life More Than Smoking: Study

Medical marijuana advocates seek reclassification of drug

Weight-Loss Surgery May Boost Risk for Alcohol, Drug Abuse

Moderate drinking definition of two drinks per day for a man  

Understanding the Zombie Teen's Body Clock

Meds a good first step for treating alcoholism

Military Veterans with Heavy Alcohol Use More Likely to Seek Treatment

How Can an Addict and Addict's Family Heal?

The blurry line between treating pain and feeding addiction

More and more babies are being born with addictions