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  Hepatitis C

Practical Medical and Spiritual Guidelines for Daily Living with HCV. For those facing the daily challenge of living with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) this handy book offers a healthy dose of hope and practical advice. A day-to-day guide to managing the disease 'Hepatitis C' combines up-to-date medical information with a spiritual program rooted in the Twelve Steps for coping with the issues associated with HCV infection. 'In clear nontechnical language Mark Jenkins discusses the causes symptoms and progress of HCV as well as the latest medical guidelines for containing the disease. He describes complementary treatments and provides information on liver transplantation. With attention to the mind-body connection Jenkins focuses on strategies for maintaining physical mental emotional and spiritual health. His authoritative practical and compassionate guide points the way to a life with HCV that is not just livable but also deeply rewarding.


The Hepatitis C Help Book, Revised Edition: A Groundbreaking Treatment Program Combining Western and Eastern Medicine for Maximum Wellness and Healing (Paperback)

Very user friendly. Good information, all in one book. All you need to know in order to take good care of yourself and a live good quality life without the commercial western killer medications during a period of such a delicate disease.  



This handy guide provides day-to-day support for living with the HIV/AIDS infection. Alert to the mind-body connection the book combines the latest medical information with a spiritual program rooted in the Twelve Steps that can help HIV-infected individuals deal more effectively with the physical emotional and social challenges of each day. Authoritative upbeat and solution oriented 'HIV/AIDS' offers quick and easy access to essential medical information about the disease its causes symptoms and progressive nature. Along with up-to-date medical guidelines for containing HIV/AIDS the book describes complementary treatments as well as new development for end-stages of AIDS. An invaluable resource for coping with the symptoms of HIV/AIDS this hopeful book provides guidance encouragement and the practical means for maintaining optimal physical and mental health while living with the disease.