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Jokes and Humor

  Sometimes Laughter is the Best Medicine

Often times it is real easy to get caught up in the pain and insanity of our addiction. Even in recovery we can lose sight of laughter and joy. Being able to laugh at ourselves and our disease can help us gain perspective and relieve tension.
 Below is a listing of many of the "alcoholic" and "addict" jokes I have been told over the years. Also included are some true stories that have been shared with me. Please understand that some of what you may read here may be slightly off color.
 None of the jokes or stories presented here are intended to offend, be discriminatory, or just plain filthy. They are provided simply to get you laughing at yourself and this disease we call addiction. Also, please
 understand that for some people, reading these jokes may not bring laughter, but difficult memories from the past. These are intended only for addicts and alcoholics who need to laugh out loud at themselves
 and their disease. Just click on the links below to get the jokes and stories.
 If you have a good joke to share, please click here or email me at John@recoverylane.com


 Late Stages  The Game
 Three Bottles of Beer   False Representation
 No Facilities  Hot Wheels
 Cleaning Up  Alcohol Warning
 A Dying Man's Wish   Priceless
 A Fable   Quickies 
 First Aid   Double Trouble
 Family Rules   Warning Signs
 Free Beer  Senility Prayer
The Promises ???  What's in a Name
Road Test  Super Drunk
Improved Sight  Stroke of Luck
Get the Point  Why Women
Stoned Sleep  The Sixties
Hooked  Self Image
My Rights  Idiot Proof 
The Christmas Party   Sad, but true!
Conversion Experience  

 What a difference  

The Patch  Spiritual Notice
Ten Days  Why men aren't secretaries 
Genetics  The Lemon 
Glazed and Confused  Slowing Down
Drunk Sermon   Car Thief 
The Drinker's Alphabet  No More Enabling 
Ode to Alcohol   Barbiturate??
Smooth Operator  Tongue Tied
A Moral Dilemma  Bumper Sticker's for Addict
Hooked on Crack   Hearing Problem
  A Ghost Story   The Effects of Alcohol 
Beer Theories   Booze and Yoga
The Power Of Alcohol  Happy Halloween
GO NAVY! Almost like a hybrid

Life in four bottles...

Deer Hunting  Canine 12 step meeting 
Prohibitionist sentiment  What's Worse
Old Fart Foootball   Wisdom of a retiree!! 
NEVER, EVER, QUESTION  Ladies Night Out 
Awakening Side Effects 
Lightbulbs  DUI  Justice
Road Painter  Irish Humor