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General Recovery Helps

Pocket Power 

  Pocket Power

One of Hazelden's most popular series 'Pocket Power' pamphlets provide quick inspiring recovery references. In a short amount of time we find the information and support we need to continue self-care throughout the day. Each pamphlet focuses on an issue crucial to our recovery and our serenity. Thoughtful handouts for friends counselors or sponsors. 

A Ghost in the Closet

A remarkable potpourri of ideas drawn from the best of the hundreds of books about alcoholism.'A Ghost in the Closet' - written from the perspective of a recovering alcoholic - provides an overview of the facts and fictions concerning alcoholism and recovery from it. The fundamental message is clear: though alcoholism is an extremely complex and dangerous disease recovery and a life filled with meaning and purpose are possible. 


Life Is Goodbye Life Is Hello

Dr. Bozarth show us how to make grieving a positive action that's part of the healing process. 



Due to the resurgence of heroin use both in North America and around the globe 'Heroin' provides a much needed up-to-the-minute comprehensive no-nonsense examination of a drug whose history begins with the discovery and use -- both medicinal and recreational -- of opium more than 7000 years ago. Beginning with an historical overview of heroin Fernandez's timely work is the definitive reference on the current state of the drug's pharmacology the sociology and psychology of its use the political legal and criminal justice ramifications associated with its use its social impact and best practice in treatment. In this groundbreaking book Fernandez's use of vivid personal stories and vignettes makes the history facts figures and effects of heroin come alive. His is a simple clear and accessible view of the power persistence benefits and destructive nature of this notorious drug. About the Author: Humberto Fernandez is a writer/filmmaker and substance abuse counselor who has spent years documenting the lives of heroin addicts in America. He lives and works in New York city. - Recovery / Addiction 


If You Want What We Have

Written as conversations between sponsor and sponsee, these daily meditations explore the concerns, dilemmas, and struggles involved every day in recovery. Provides insights for sponsors on mutual trust, compassion, and what is important in recovery.



Bill W.

This is the story of a man whose discovery and vision have changed the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Robert Thomsen's biography takes readers through the events of Bill W.'s life all the while detailing Bill's growing dependence on alcohol. Thomsen writes of the collapse that brought Bill to the verge of death and of the luminous instant of insight that saved him. This turning point led Bill to the encounter in 1935 with Dr. Bob and the start of what was to be a new beginning for countless others who despaired of finding rescue and redemption. Every night at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings around the world a speaker says 'Our stories disclose in a general way what we used to be like what happened and what we are like now'. This describes the story of Bill W. a stirring spiritual odyssey through triumph failure and rebirth with vital meaning for men and women everywhere. 


Parenting One Day at a Time

This straightforward parenting guide offers expert advice and fresh perspectives on child-rearing based on Twelve Step recovery principles.


Portraits of Recovery

A collection of photographs and personal stories of ordinary people who are overcoming their addictions and building new lives. Looking at these sixty people and reading their stories we can't help but think about the quiet heroism of those we know who are quietly and anonymously working through adversity and toward recovery. 'The verbal and photographic portraits included in 'Portraits of Recovery' are representative of the transformation and power of recovery from addiction.' Jerry Spicer, President The Hazelden Foundation 


Freedom Through Forgiving

Freedom Through Forgiving' is an enlightening resource for dealing with the blame and anger often associated with forgiveness while providing strategies for self-protection along the way. 


Companion Through the Darkness

As a result of her own experience with many kinds of loss Stephanie Ericsson offers an intimate profoundly touching guide for those in grief legitimizing the complex and often taboo emotions we all feel when loss transforms our lives. In 'Companion Through the Darkness' Ericsson defines grief as 'the constant reawakening that things are now different'. Combining excerpts from her own diary writings with brief essays she vividly speaks the language of loss and captures the contradictory wrenching and chaotic emotions of grief. Compelling intimate and heartbreakingly truthful 'Companion Through the Darkness' provides a touchstone for all those making their own journey through grief. 


The Dance of Anger

When getting angry is getting us nowhere this insightful guide shows us new ways to address our anger and work for positive change. 


The truth about Pot

If you like countless others consider marijuana to be a harmless benign drug that has only momentary effects on the human mind and body then this book is for you. If you believe that marijuana can cause harmful long-term side effects for its users then this book is for you. If you don't know what to believe about marijuana then this book is for you. Marijuana use has increased over the past four years and now accounts for over 81 percent of the nation's illicit drug use. It is widely considered not only to be harmless to its users but to have the power to enhance concentration and creativity to relieve pain and suffering and to offer a much-needed respite from the hectic pace of today's world. It's no wonder that marijuana is surrounded by confusion and myth. Used widely during the past three decades it has been both praised and condemned. With little or no research up to now either to corroborate or dispute the myths the public especially teenagers are confused. According to the Clinton administration about 42 percent of teenagers do not consider marijuana a dangerous drug. In this book 'It's Time To Know: Ten Marijuana Users Share Their Personal Stories' author Joanne Baum reveals the damage marijuana can do in people's lives. One person after another recounts how marijuana grew into an overpowering and negative force in their lives. 'It is certainly clear from these people's stories ranging from nine months to almost fifteen years`that pot is not a harmless drug to be used with no consequences' says Baum in the final chapter. 'Marijuana users can lose years from their lives and experience long-lasting mental and emotional pain.' The marijuana users whose stories are told in this book give vivid accounts of how their own lives were affected by an unhealthy dependence on pot and how their denial of its insidious nature kept them from leading full and happy lives. The stories also show their successes and triumphs as they continue to be drug-free and in a recovery program that works. Joanne Baum Ph.D. is a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Level Three Certified Alcoholism Counselor. She has a private practice in Evergreen Colorado and is about to embark on a new career as a school and social worker. She lives with her family and writes parenting columns for the local newspaper. She has worked in the field of substance abuse since 1981. 


Letting Go Of Shame

As we identify shame and use recovery skills to work through it this book helps to explain the emotion of shame and its impact on our self-image and relationships. The authors offer us a way that we can personalize a plan of action to help build our self-esteem and they suggest exercises to help us identify our feelings of shame.