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Daily Meditation Books


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Wisdom for Today Along Recovery Lane

Finding recovery and holding on to it is a gift of working the program presented to us in the Twelve Step program. Each of us has traveled a different path to arrive in a place where we are able to face up to the reality of addiction in our life, and each of us must travel a path to find recovery. This book may be used in a variety of ways:

·       As a Guide Book

Wisdom for Today can serve as a guide in your daily mediation. I hope you will use this book to search more deeply into yourself. Hopefully it will inspire you to reach for a deeper meaning and lead you to enhance your recovery. May this book serve as a compass in finding your way!

·       As a Recovery Tool

Wisdom for Today may challenge you to a new honesty and may assist you to a renewed openness, and it may help you discover the courage that exists within yourself. This book may bring clarity, and it may cause you to discover more questions that need answers. Hopefully, it will help you to find a deeper meaning in your life. Additionally you can use this book as a way of “passing it on” and giving it away.

·       As a Change Agent

Wisdom for Today may just have one or two pearls of wisdom that can serve as a catalyst for change in your life and enhance recovery in your life. It may help you to accept the brokenness that exists in all addicts and alcoholics and find ways to fix or improve your functioning. Hopefully it will help you to grow spiritually.



Each Day a New Beginning

Find inspiration and guidance for dealing with the challenges and new experiences of recovery in the writings from a woman who cares about others. This beloved author writes about self-esteem friendships with other women hope attitudes about life and relationships and more. Her words help bridge the gap between self and Higher Power between loneliness and sharing the emotions of recovery. Almost two million recovering women turn to these meditations each day.






Day by Day

This updated best-selling meditation book uses concrete, current language to affirm the importance of maintaining abstinence through changes in behavior. Daily meditations speak to a broad range of recovering people--suggesting actions and encouraging you to write down goals--ensuring a daily commitment to spiritual growth.






A Woman's Spirit

A Woman's Spirit' is a collection of wise compassionate daily meditations for women now living a sober life and seeking spiritual fulfillment. Topics include facing challenges, having faith in a Higher Power, taking responsibility and more.





Body, Mind and Spirit

This book of daily meditations focuses on the whole human being with words of inspiration and healing that address all aspects of addiction recovery.





Our Best Days

A daily meditation book for adolescents. This book provides young people with the day-to-day support they need. It addresses issues specific to adolescents including responsibility dealing with family members peer pressure relationships and many others.






Keep It Simple

Life can be complicated and hectic but when we keep things simple we can bring them down to a manageable size. These meditations focus on the Twelve Steps stressing the importance of putting into practice new beliefs slogans and fellowship.






Twenty-Four Hours a Day - Journal

Since 1954 'Twenty-Four Hours a Day' has become a stable force in the recovery of many alcoholics throughout the world. With over six and a half million copies in print (the original text has been revised) this 'little black book' offers daily thoughts meditations and prayers for living a clean and sober life. It’s a spiritual resource with practical applications to fit our daily lives. 'For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision' is part of the Sanskrit proverb quoted at the beginning of the book which has become one of the basic building blocks for a life of sobriety. In addition to a thought meditation and prayer for each day of the year this handy pocket-sized volume also contains the Serenity Prayer and the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a simple yet effective way to help us relate the Twelve Steps to everyday life and helps us find the power not to take that first drink each day.