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See Award Criteria Below

Award Criteria

Before you apply for the Recovery Lane Award read the the following requirements and criteria carefully. In general, the Top Recovery Site (monthly) is awarded to personal home pages with personal stories of recovery that will inspire others to attempt or continue in their recovery. The Top Resource Site (monthly) is awarded to websites that provide excellent information, tools, and encouragement for persons seeking recovery. And finally, the Best of the Web (annual) is given to a website with exemplary web pages, and shows significant compassion for people with addiction or those in recovery. 

Main requirements: 

  • No porn, hate and/or racist material, religious cults, animal or child abuse, no violence, horror etc.. 

  • No hacker sites, or sites that promote illegal activity. 

  • NoThInG WrITen LiKe ThIs, it hurts my eyes and makes my brain work too hard.

  • No links to any of the above. 

  • No links only sites. 

  • Awards Page, easy to find and awards linked back to award giver.

  • Violation of any of the above mentioned will immediate disqualify your site for any award !

Sites must : 

  • Have a main subject related to addiction, recovery, mental health, medicine, or drug education. 

  • Have more than 10 pages. 

  • Have a good way of navigation, no broken links and a solid HTML.

  • Be written in English. 

  • Give credit to the makers of the original material published on their site whenever possible. 

  • Be accessible for different browsers and screen resolutions. 

  • When used java, flash, animated GIF's should serve a purpose.

  • Not completely covered with banners, buttons and pop ups. Some advertising okay. 

  • A uniform layout on most pages (same use of colors, fonts and style). 

  • Have a separate, easy to find, Awards Page.

  • All sites that apply for an award and do not meet this "musts" list will be reviewed and if award is not granted will be acknowledged with and Honorable Mention

You win points for: 

  • Meeting the 'Sites Must' criteria. 

  • Having a original site, layout, navigation method and graphics.

  • Having something too offer to the visitor like: 

    • Personal recovery stories

    • Recovery adventures, helps, and suggestions

    • General health information for addicts/alcoholics/families. (ex.- HIV/Aids, Hepatitis B, etc.)

    • Spiritual, psychological, or self-worth help.

    • Recovery resources, education, information.



You lose points for: 

  • For not meeting the 'Sites Must' criteria. 

  • Poor navigation like having to use the back button of the browses, getting stuck in a page or frame. 

  • Excessive long download times (except when warned for like wallpapers, big files etc.). 

  • To much and distracting animated gifs, flashing text or banners.

  • Commercial pop ups, except those forced upon you by the web space provider. Pop ups initiated by you must have a good reason (like displaying a photo or file). 

  • Making my browser lockup. 

Due to a new law you must be 13 years old or older to apply for my awards. This law is called the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and became effective April 21, 2000. It requires that web sites which ask for certain information about kids under 13 require their parents permission to obtain the information.

In order to comply with this law, we will no longer accept award applications from children under the age of 13, with or without their parents permission.