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August 2012 News & Views

What is happening in the world of addiction and recovery? These links are some of the latest News and Views posted around the world. These News and Views do not necesarily represent the veiws of recoverylane.com, but they are articles this writter found interesting. Hope you to find something on interest.

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White House: Colombia not leader in cocaine

Loving a partner through an addiction

Uruguay Considers Legalizing Marijuana to Stop Traffickers

$75 million lawsuit claims casino let man drink himself to death

Olympians Hanging Up Cleats Risk Drug Addict-Like Ills

Ohio injured workers fund battling painkillers

DC to impose tougher penalties for drunken driving, but breath-testing program still suspended

Utah’s new welfare clients now face drug screening

Evaluating the impact of community-based treatment options on methamphetamine use

Arizona gets federal funding for substance abuse

San Francisco Police Ease Drug Enforcement

5 Therapies To Try Before Giving Up On Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Clinicians overlook alcohol problems if patients are not intoxicated

Booze, Energy Drinks, Casual Sex Combo Common in College: Study

The Childhood Drug Abuse Epidemic No One is Talking About

The Drugs of Olympic Doping Scandals

Ohio teen helped run drug ring that sold up to $20K in pot per month; ‘His own little czar’

Individual Differences in Decisionmaking Style May Predict Teen Problems

Stimulant Abusers' Regard for Future Improves With Memory Training

Substance Abuse Among Older Adults

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Program Helps Troubled Boys Reduce Substance Abuse

Peers Increase Teen Driving Risk via Heightened Reward Activity

Less Marijuana Eradicated in USA 

Mental trauma, substance use widespread after trauma like shootings

Ohio State conference takes on prescription-drug abuse in college

Back in the Habit: Baby Boomers and Drugs

Why the sudden rise in teen-age binge drinking?

From addiction to college: A life transformed

My Book Review by Kirkus

Risky Messages in Alcohol Advertising, 2003–2007: Results From Content Analysis

NJ patients can now register for medical pot

Dr. James West, Pioneer in Addiction Treatment, Dies at 98

6 Accused of Smuggling Drugs in Candy and Diplomas

Cocaine Addiction: A Combo of Existing Drugs Could Help

AmerisourceBergen Subpoenaed by U.S. Over Painkillers

Marijuana crop damaged by drought in Ohio

Diane Dimond: This Spice Can Kill You

Troubled veterans left without health-care benefits

Unique court lets tribal and state judges fight addiction together

Price, purity and availability fuel drug use in NM

Legalizing marijuana could bring windfall to state, if feds don't object

An Addict In Our Son’s Bedroom: Kids and Parents

Opinion: Drug overdoses often follow periods of sobriety, abstinence

Let’s Hear It For The Governor…And Push Him Further

Eminem Thanks Fans For Their Help; Preps 'Recovery' Follow-Up

Teens Fare Better at Substance Abuse Facilities With Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Alcohol-Drug Combinations Account for Nearly 37 Percent of Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions

Seeking answers to tragic use of painkillers

The blurry line between treating pain and feeding addiction

Drivers Twice Limit Involved in Most Drunk-Driving Deaths

Heroin Immune Cell Seen as Hope for 21 Million Abusers

Alcohol a Major Culprit in Heartburn, Expert Says

Prescription abuse laws can create a no-win situation for doctors

Effects of Heavy Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Drug czar hears grieving father advocate prescription monitoring

Addiction Inbox: Praising Marijuana Prohibition

Bobby Brown Back in Rehab?

Lifesaving Overdose Antidote Should Be Widely Available

High-Potency Pot in Pregnancy May Cause Brain Damage

Navy, Marines to Require Breath Tests

Prescription drug abuse tragedies impact many as epidemic continues

Cocaine Addiction: A Combo of Existing Drugs Could Help

Recovery Month 2012 - Treatment and Recovery: Why It's Worth It

Step Workbook for Adolescent Chemical Dependency Recovery

Breaking the Intergenerational Cycle of Substance Abuse

Gov. Christie signs bill that gives non-violent drug offenders rehab instead of jail time

Bill Aims to Deter Abuse of Painkillers  

Binge drinking increases risk of cognitive decline

Hookah smoking increasingly common among first-year college women