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April 2012 News and Viewa

What is happening in the world of addiction and recovery? These links are some of the latest News and Views posted around the world. These News and Views do not necesarily represent the veiws of recoverylane.com, but they are article this writter found interesting. Hope you to find something on interest.

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Virgin's Branson turns from adventuring to drug-war critic

Europeans are world's heaviest drinkers: WHO report

Ohio heroin abuse worse, first-time users younger

Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D.: Almost Alcoholic: Could Your Drinking Be a Problem?

Mega medical marijuana store, WeGrow, opens in D.C.

Local Company Develops Meth-Proof Pseudoephedrine

Once an Addict, Always an Addict?

The War on Drugs: The Parent Movement and Zero Tolerance

After the Party, a Car That Takes Away Your Keys

Young Women Who Drink and Drive at Higher Risk of Fatal Accident

Measure to change N.J. drug treatment advances

COMMENTARY: Family’s addiction struggle leads to help for others

Painkiller sales soar around US, fuel addiction

Club drug special K tied to urinary problems: study

Arizona governor signs law to bar medical marijuana at colleges

Does Your Employer Have the Right To Test You For Drug Use?

Think Drunk-Driving Rules Are Tough Here? Try Sweden

Become Who You Are by What You Do

Belief Makes It So – But You Can Change Your Beliefs

Permission to Shine

Realize What Is Essential in Recovery

Patience and Wisdom

Painkiller sales soar around US, fuel addiction

Prescription Painkiller Sales Exploding, Fueling Addiction Concerns

Painkiller sales soar around U.S. and fuel addiction

Opioid Painkiller Prescriptions Pose Danger Without Oversight

Poor Participation Hobbles California’s Drug Oversight

Is Va.’s ignition-interlock rule for first-time DUI offenders too tough?

Program in Philadelphia helps save overdose victims' lives

Commentary: The Crucial Role of Alcohol Awareness Month

For Army troops, prescription drugs may add to fog of war

Teen Drinking May Boost Odds of Precancerous Breast Changes

Alcoholic Parents: How To Deal With A Family Member Who Has A Drinking Problem

3 Tips for Parents to Discuss Prom Safety with Teens

National Rx Drug Abuse Summit

NY leaders negotiate prescribed drugs restrictions

In fight against prescription drug abuse, docs need more information

Stanton Peele: Addiction Is All in the Delivery

How Exercise May Make Addictions Better, or Worse

Cuomo Kills Buzz Over Medical Pot

Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D.: Over 50 and 'Almost Alcoholic'

Alcohol-related traffic deaths drop in Kansas

Chris Klein's Dog Helped Him Face Alcohol Addiction

"unabusable" meds

BBC News - 'Tweaking memories' could help addicts avoid relapsing

Drug Scam Uses DEA Agents' Identities To Terrify Victims into Paying Up

Nebraska Bill on Beer Sales Near Reservation Is Stalled

Should the U.S. legalize hard drugs?


Collaborates With Former Professional Basketball Player, Father, Motivational Speaker Chris Herren

OPINION: Chorus Denounces FL Governor's Stone Age Addictions Veto

'My struggle with alcoholism helped my career': says Edie Falco

'Bath salt' poisonings rise as legislative ban tied up

Teens: Alcohol, driving worse than texting

Obama Says Legalization Is Not the Answer on Drugs

Use of Painkiller Toradol Before Games Raises Concerns

Substance Abusers, Even Recovering Ones, May Face Stigma

40 Percent of Addicted Baby Boomers and Seniors Started Abusing Drugs or Alcohol Between 48 and 64 Years of Age

White House Drug Control Strategy: Divert Non-Violent Drug Offenders into Treatment

Call for Nominations for 2012 Ramstad-Kennedy Award

Vital Signs: Unintentional Injury Deaths Among Persons Aged 0–19 Years

Sex, drug use linked with playing the 'choking game,' study says

Commentary: 6 Tips to Protect Your Child From Online Drug Threats

Legalizing Drugs: Why Some Latin American Leaders Are OK With It

After cocaine binge, Bill Clegg writes of recovery

15 arrests in international online drug probe

Battling addiction and depression

R. Gil Kerlikowske: A Drug Policy for the 21st Century

Champions of Change: Reducing Drug Use and Building a Healthier America

Opium study raises questions about painkillers

Use of Ecstasy, Speed by Teens Tied to Later Depression

Synthetic marijuana on the rise: looks like pot, but 'far worse'

Road to recovery from heroin addiction includes relapses

Painkiller Bill Divides State Rife With Overdoses

Officials issue warning over fentanyl patches

Experimental treatment for cocaine overdoses

Marijuana rally may go up in smoke as Colorado’s flagship university restricts campus access

My daughter just entered rehab. What are the chances 28 days can change her life?’

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT for Anxiety

When Things Get Rough…

Life…and Other Plans

Stand Together in Recovery

Where Opportunity Lies

A troubling trend in teens drinking hand sanitizer

Health News - Scripps Research Scientists Find Anticonvulsant Drug Helps Marijuana Smokers Kick The Habit

Pol, Dr. Oz to push ban on psychedelic cyber drugs

Rethinking the War on Drugs

Study examines painkiller abusers' supply sources

Cocaine Habit Might Speed Brain Aging

Rat Study Suggest Binge Eating Can Trigger Addictive Behaviors

Southwest Florida addicts can take their help home

Study Shows Widespread Misuse of Prescription Drugs

Heroin Addicts Have Higher Pain Sensitivity, Even During Treatment

Bobby Brown sentenced to probation in alcohol-related driving incident

Transportation Security Administration drug-smuggling case stems from airport mix-up

Remarried with Children

The Way Americans Dispose of Prescription Drugs is Changing for the Better

Drug-overdose antidote is put in addicts' hands

The Criminalization of Bad Mothers

Court Rules Florida Governor’s Drug-Testing Order Unconstitutional

Hooked: Why it's not so easy to "just say no"

Leah Odze Epstein: How to Turn Drinking from One of Life's Pleasures to a Habit in Three Easy Steps

Court Rules Florida Governor’s Drug-Testing Order Unconstitutional

Acceptance of campus pot smoking altering NFL's drug compass

Russell Brand prescribes ‘love and compassion’ as best treatment for drug addicts

L.I.R.R. to Ban Alcohol on Late-Night Weekend Trains

Epilepsy Drug May Help People Quit Smoking Marijuana, Study Suggests