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Addiction and the Brain

   Alcohol and the Addictive Brain

An excellent thought-provoking resource for professionals dealing with alcoholics this book illuminates the controversial nature of alcoholism. Alcoholism is defined here as the result of an imbalance in the brain's natural production of neurotransmitters critical to a sense of well-being that causes a craving temporarily satisfied by drinking. The authors report on scientific advances that have provided new insight into the causes of alcoholism. They also explore the research pathways that offer real promise of eventual prevention or cure.

   The Selfish Brain

More than 30 million Americans alive today will become addicted. We can confront addiction in our lives or in our families by exploring biological historical and cross-cultural aspects of addiction. Dr. DuPont believes that Twelve Step programs are the most effective path to recovery. 'In his new book 'The Selfish Brain: Learning from Addiction', Dr. DuPont has linked for the first time the rapidly expanding scientific knowledge about addiction and his own intensely personal experiences over more than a quarter of a century of working with addicted people and their families. He extends his useful ideas to the areas of public policy and to the global dimensions of this uniquely human disease.' --Ross Perot. Take the course! This book is utilized in a CEU-credit course offered online at the Distance Learning Center for Addiction Studies, www.dlcas.com


 Wilpower's Not Enough

Even though the book targets the American readers, I found that it is also useful for everyone as long as they are exposed to addictions of all kinds. This book helps me understand more about myself (and the reasons for my addictions) and the other, that now I can learn how to be more compassionate and understanding, not only to myself, but also to the whole human world. It would be a great loss if you miss this book!


 Addictive Thinking

Being a counselor in addiction, as well as overcoming my own personal addictions, I found Twerski's book was excellent. I bought it simply as a text book supplement for working with client's, and ended up reading it a few times. He gives a great insight into the mind of the addict, and nice overview of life AFTER addiction and the logical, spiritual, and emotional hurdles forever in front of the affected individual and those around him. I read this just after my tenth year of abstinence and pulled so much from it in my personal life. Whether you are an addict or just know or have been affected by one, have been through the twelve-step meetings or struggled alone, give it a try. It still sits in my library and is a book I often recommend to those I meet and are dealing with an aspect of addiciton, treatment, and sobriety.

   The Great Brain Robbery

Written for parents and teenagers, 'The Great Brain Robbery', provides an in-depth look at how drug use affects the brain and thus limits the potential of anyone who uses. Young people including those who are considering drug use learn to care for their minds and future by understanding the impact of drugs on brain development.